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How Does it Work?

NoteMarketPlace is an online forum that allows note sellers and buyers to connect.  There are many advantages to both note investors, and sellers. We believe that we can improve the lives of our customers by providing more financing and investment options.  In addition to buying and selling existing notes, NoteMarketPlace enables investors to find and fund new loan originations.

Advantages for Note Sellers

NoteMarketPlace makes it easy to sell mortgage notes.  When private lenders need to convert their notes into cash, they are often at the mercy of a few investors that will offer deeply discounted prices for the note. NoteMarketPlace allows sellers to list their note for sale and expose it to a large pool of investors. This greatly improves the chances of selling the note for a premium price. If you recently sold a property and you carried back an owner financing note, you can sell that note using NoteMarketPlace.

Private money lenders can originate loans, and advertise them them using the NoteMarketPlace platform.  NoteMarketPlace allows private money lenders to originate more loans by providing liquidity for the the loans.

Advantages for Note Investors

Promissory note buyers are offered a tremendous opportunity with NoteMarketPlace. What other investment can you make 5% to 10% on your money with the security of real estate as collateral?…not many.  Note investing present a tremendous opportunity for investors to create very solid returns with relatively low risk. That is not to say that there is no risk, it is very important for lenders to properly qualify borrows and the properties they are lending against. We feel that lending money secured by real-estate is an often overlooked investment opportunity because until NoteMarketPlace, there was not solid means of finding sellers for these types of notes. That has all changed with NoteMarketPlace.

Advantages for Borrowers

Private money real estate loans are a great option if you need a loan and the bank has turned you down. There may be any number of reasons for requiring a hard money loan, but because of NoteMarketPlace you have options.  Post the details of the deal you’d like to get financing on and let the offers roll in.

Advantages for Lenders

Finding deals to lend on has never been easier on NoteMarketPlace. Simply browse our directory of new loans to fund.